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About adventures in Nova Scotia

As newbies to Nova Scotia, we’re learning more every day about this amazing province we call home. After being away from Canada for 25 years, my wife and I decided to come to Nova Scotia mainly for the great natural outdoors and the many things to do here.

We’ve found that there’s plenty of advice and videos out there about things to do in Nova Scotia, but most are geared to the younger crowd.  

And as much as I love seeing what it’s like to bushwhack through the brush on a 40-kilometer hike or to climb a beautiful mountain in Cape Breton, I may a little old for that kind of exertion nowadays.  

Regardless, I still want to enjoy the wonderful province I now live in — and this is why this website was born. is a travel blog for the rest of us.

  • We like the outdoors, but we don’t train for rugged outdoor trips every day. 
  • We want to be able to find a good place to eat and enjoy company, but we might need some guidance on where to go.
  • We want to enjoy a vacation in Nova Scotia, but need help planning a trip that won’t break the bank.

Join our journey and discover the great adventures that await Nova Scotia travelers and residents alike in this beautiful, natural, and fascinating place: events, nature, food, accommodations. There’s new wonders to be discovered around every corner!