Annapolis Valley travel - lush green orchards.

Annapolis Valley travel guide: a natural paradise


The Annapolis Valley stretches along the northwestern coast of Nova Scotia (shown here in bright green) along the coast of the Bay of Fundy.

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It’s known for its orchards and farms and when the apple trees are in blossom, the valley is a beautiful sight to behold. In summertime farm stands and farmers’ markets dot the landscape.

The eastern part of the valley is known as Nova Scotia’s wine country. There are currently 12 wineries in this region and more are planned. Also, with so many apple orchards there is a burgeoning cider industry with many flavors to choose from — this is not your grandfather’s cider…! 

The Bay of Fundy is famous worldwide for it’s record-breaking tides and is 170 miles of breathtaking cliffs and huge bays. Tour the scenic cliffs and watch the tide roll in or ride the rollercoaster tides in motorized Zodiac rafts!

Fort Anne in Annapolis Royal is a four-bastion fort built circa 1629 to protect the harbour of Annapolis Royal. The fort repelled all French attacks during the early stages of King George’s War. The site was later controlled by the French before falling for good to British troops in 1710. Fort Anne became Canada’s first administered National Historic Site in 1917.

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