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Cape Breton travel guide: world famous trails


Even though it’s called a Cape, Cape Breton is actually an island separated from the mainland by the Strait of Canso.

Cape Breton travel guide: things to do

Most famous for one of the most scenic drives in the world, the Cabot Trail, the island offers an amazing array of natural wonders, scenic overlooks, coastal vistas, whale watching, and hiking trails. Spending some time planning your vacation will make your road trip much more enjoyable

Cape Breton is also well-known for its Celtic heritage and music festivals throughout the summer. Enjoy Celtic music, Scottish music, the fiddle, step-dancing, square sets and vocalists. Sydney even honours local music with the Big Fiddle, a giant violin statue on the waterfront.

Drive The Ceilidh Trail, a 100-kilometer coastal roadway, which runs between the Strait of Canso and the beautiful Long Pond and then up along the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It meets the Cabot Trail at Margaree Harbour and is dotted with small towns and fishing harbours all along the way. You can also bike or hike parts of the trail too.

Bras d’Or Lake is a saltwater tidal body of water in the centre of the island. A number of large and small sailing craft can take you for a short or overnight cruise on the lake.  

The region is also home to an amazing variety of seabirds. The most sought-after species for birdwatchers (or anyone else) is the Atlantic Puffin. Cape Breton is also home to the most number of Bald Eagles in North America outside of Alaska.

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