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East Shore travel guide (the Highlands): a hidden gem


The East Shore/Highlands is one region that is particularly affected by variations of maps of Nova Scotia regions. Sometimes it’s partially combined with the Northern region. Sometimes the eastern half is known as the Eastern Shore and includes lands north of Halifax. For our purposes, we’ll use the map at the right and the purple area we’ll refer to as the Highland (aka the East Shore) region.

With East Shore travel you can find many small fishing harbours and communities and, thanks to the many beaches, islands, and the scenic coastline, is home to a growing number of cottages and recreational properties.

East Shore travel guide: what to do

  • Drive the Marine Trail. With winding roads all along the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll encounter so many traditional fishing villages, historic towns and stunning stretches of beaches. 
  • Dive into fine crafts, visual arts and fabulous festivals in Antigonish county, or enjoy the warm waters and sandy beaches that can be easily found throughout Antigonish and Pictou counties.
  • Visit the Hector Heritage Quay and see a full-size replica of the Hector, a 18th-century ship that sailed for 11 weeks and brought 189 passengers from Scotland to Nova Scotia. Experience the life of the passengers on board the replica Hector and learn about the relationships between the Scots, the Mi’kmaq, the Scottish, and the community.

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